App Review: YourExtraLife

Do you remember the last time you were pushed outside your comfort zone? Remember the satisfying feeling you got after  finishing the project? Remember how you kept talking about your latest accomplishment until all your friends and family were just begging you to shut the hell up already? That’s a wonderful feeling – not the being asked to shut up – but the sense of pride of confidence you have bubbling inside of you when you achieve  something challenging. If you’re anything like me, you’d be scratching your head right about now, trying to remember the previous times  you stepped outside of your comfort zone and carried through with it. No reason to beat your self up if  you can’t recall anything, you’re not alone. This is what the YourExtraLife team is trying to tackle, and so far they have done an amazing job.

YourExtraLife Concept

 YourExtraLife is a real-life game. It consists of 8 interesting challenge categories/trees, each containing over 20 challenges (give or take). Right now the categories include Geek, Gourmet, Nightlife, Culture, Romance, Altruism, Challenge of the week and as of today Photography. The first challenge of each tree is often the easiest and they seem to get harder as you progress through the level. The basic idea is that you complete a challenge, take a picture, throw a beautiful filter on it and submit it to the tribunal, where it can either get verified or declined by the community.

YourExtraLife GeekYourExtraLife Trees

After using the app for a few days, it becomes evident that this  game is not a product of accident or luck, but rather a child of careful planning with meticulous execution and great attention to detail. From its smooth, custom animations and carefully designed graphics to the tongue and cheek language used throughout, every tiny detail of the game works towards enriching the user experience and it does so effortlessly.

YourExtraLife RomanceYourExtraLife Tribunal

In my opinion, YourExtraLife has succeeded in creating an engaging game that acts as a bridge between our real lives and the virtual one we carry inside of our phones. In the short time the app has been available on the iOS platform, it has managed to create a strong sense of community and loyalty within the players. That is a very rare occurrence, given how saturated the App Store is with other clever apps competing for our attention.

Of course the app is at its early days and I have no doubt there are still lots of improvements to be made to make the experience even better. Feel free to jump over to the App store, download the free app and challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, be it a cooking challenge, writing a computer program or simply leaving your partner a romantic note (Trust me, it goes a long way!!).

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