Steve Jobs: More Than Just a CEO

Who knew that an unwanted baby could live to become one of the most influential visionaries of our history? He lived and died as we all do, but he didn’t take his time on earth for granted, instead he used it wisely to mark his place in this world through creating technology that disrupted and created industries we didn’t know we wanted. Think about the tablet industry before the iPad. Remember how we bought music before iTunes? Steve always knew better!

His speech at the Stanford Commencement ceremony is very inspiring and some might even say enlightened. He mentions in his speech that he never graduated from collage and this is the closest he has gotten to a graduation ceremony. But how can a college drop out become the CEO of a billion dollar international company? He had what no collage can teach us. Passion. Passion cannot be toughed or learnt, but rather acquired from people we interact with on the daily basis. Passion is contagious as is the lack of it. surround yourself with passionate, daring people and you’ll become one.

Death is life’s most beautiful invention, it’s nature’s way of clearing the old and replacing it with new, and that’s the cycle of life. Your are the new, and you are the future visionaries and creators that’ll make their mark on this planet. Don’t leave it up to chance, you won’t get too many chances.

If you live everyday as though it was your last, one day you’d most certainly be right. Find your passion, follow through and tread boldly.

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